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Updated: Jul 21

Philip was a guest on 3MDR radio during Science Week and talked with host Jules Vines on the 'Classically Saturday' show. They had a great discussion about Philip's work and interests, including the surprising properties of aluminium and its alloys, developments in machine learning, and Philip's journey into science at Monash University. Listen to Philip's radio interview here:

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Thanks to 3MDR and Jules Vines for having Philip on the show for Science Week! (

Updated: Jul 21

Philip has recently returned from the ancient hill-top town of Erice in Sicily where he gave lectures and held workshops at the International School of Quantum Crystallography and the International School of Electron Crystallography. The Schools brought together international experts and students to share knowledge and discuss the latest developments in the field. Erice, which dates back 3000 years, provided a wonderful location to meet and discuss cutting edge science. Thanks to the hosts and organisers for doing a great job! Above: Philip lecturing in San Domenico conference hall in Erice.

Above: Delegates of the School of Electron Crystallography outside San Domenico conference hall in Erice. Philip is sitting in the front row on the far right!

Updated: Jul 21

As the sun set on another busy year, the group gathered at Philip's place to celebrate Christmas and the summer break. This year, there was a special appearance by Dr Victor Streltsov, one of Philip's PhD supervisors from UWA. Victor is 'PhD grandfather' to Philip's students! Sausages were sizzled, salads were shared and many delicious desserts were laid out for the feast. Thanks to everyone who contributed food for the party!

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas holiday and looking forward to seeing you in 2018!

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