Philip N. H. Nakashima

Department of Materials Science & Engineering
Monash University, Victoria, Australia 

Our Research Group

Philip Nakashima

Associate Professor

Philip is passionate about atomic bonding and electronic structure.  Read more about Philip's scientific background and research  In his spare time Philip enjoys the company of his wife Kate (who designed this website - thanks Kate!), time with family and friends, gardening, reading contemporary and classical fiction, music of all genres, the arts, handiwork around the house, going for walks in the neighbourhood and in the country, long drives, travelling, movies and fishing.

Tianyu Liu

PhD Candidate

Tianyu is investigating the bonding in copper. This involves convergent-beam electron diffraction experiments and quantitative diffraction analyses.  He is supervised by A/Prof. Philip Nakashima and A/Prof. Laure Bourgeois.  He has also developed an interest in software programming and high performance computing which assist his research in copper bonding.  On weekend breaks, Tianyu enjoys browsing internet memes.

Ding Peng

PhD Candidate

Ding is researching the atomic and electronic structure of heavy fermion materials via quantitative convergent-beam electron diffraction (QCBED) and theoretical first-principles calculations.  Since the singular properties of heavy fermion compounds, like unconventional superconductivity, non-Fermi liquid behaviour, etc., are derived from f-electrons of their rare-earth component atoms, accurate and precise measurements of the atomic and electronic structure of these materials are very important to reveal the mystery of these interesting properties and to help understand them.  Ding’s PhD is supervised by A/Prof. Philip Nakashima and Prof. Joanne Etheridge.  Ding’s research interests are electron microscopy, crystallography, and first-principles calculations in the field of condensed matter physics.  In his spare time, he also enjoys ball games and classical music.

Neil Street

PhD Candidate

Neil is researching the high frequency magnetic properties of hexagonal ferrites for use in electromagnetic wave absorbers. This involves understanding the effect of chemical doping on the electromagnetic absorption of ferrites; the interplay between chemical substitutions and the crystallographic, morphological and magnetic properties.  He is supervised by Prof. Kiyonori Suzuki and A/Prof. Philip Nakashima.  Neil has an interest in the sol-gel synthesis of ceramics and electron microscopy.  He also enjoys bushwalking and photography on weekends away.

Xiaofen Tan

PhD Candidate

Xiaofen is investigating the electronic structure of voids and precipitates in aluminium alloys through quantitative convergent-beam electron diffraction (QCBED) experiments and computational modelling.  She is supervised by A/Prof. Laure Bourgeois and A/Prof. Philip Nakashima. Her knowledge also includes crystallography and programming. For leisure, Xiaofen loves going for walks, lifting dumbbells and doing yoga.